Family of man wrongly gunned down by Police at Agbogba unhappy about state of affairs

By Wendy Amarteifio
Family of man wrongly gunned down at Agbogba are unhappy by police unfair killing

The family of a 27-year-old man, Emmanuel Amofa who was gunned down and killed by police at Agbogba have said they are unhappy by his unfair killing.

In April 2018, when Emmanuel was shot dead by the police at Agbogba, the family wanted the officers involved investigated and punished.

A Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) investigation has exonerated the deceased who the police claimed was an armed robber.

The family of Emmanuel Amofa challenged the circumstances surrounding his gunning down by the police over claims that he was an armed robber.

In an interview with Citi News monitored by PrimeNewsGhana, sister of the deceased Nana Akua Amofa said the family only heard the news in the papers without any formal correspondence from the CID.

“It is very sad because officially we have not heard anything from anyone. We cannot say that we are happy because our brother who was killed was innocent. We are sad; my mum is crying, my dad is crying, the whole family is crying.”

“I remember when this first happened; the police was very rude to us because they insisted our brother was an armed robber. But, for us to get closure, they really need to tell us what happened,” she added.

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How Emmanuel Amofa died

According to reports, Emmanuel was hanging out with his friends at a pub after they had observed the one-week celebration of the death of their friends.

The police patrol team, upon their arrival at the scene, alleged that one of them was wielding a gun.

Emmanuel’s friends then bolted, leaving him behind as the police allegedly assaulted him several times.

He scaled a wall into a house across the road in an attempt to escape.

He was however chased by the police, who shot at him several times.

“I woke up early to sweep the compound before daybreak. At once, I heard several gunshots. Then I heard the police officer asking me to get inside. At that point, I heard the guy scream ‘I am dying I am dying’. If I were around this area [where he was shot] I am sure they would have shot me,” the caretaker of the house narrated to Citi News.

He expressed anger at the police for failing to return to his house to explain what had happened or offer him an apology while no officers had been there since the shooting to process the scene.

“I thought that maybe if day breaks, they will come and explain things or even ask questions about the guy. But no one has been here,” he fumed.

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