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Former gov't officials ready to help fight Covid-19 - Mahama

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
John Mahama
John Mahama
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Former President and flagbearer for the NDC, John Mahama says former appointees during his tenure are ready to help the government in its fight to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Speaking on the Covid-19 outbreak and the confirmed cases in Ghana, John Mahama said appointees of his administration who assisted in the country's readiness effort during the ebola crisis will be available to assist if being called upon.

"Former appointees who assisted in our readiness effort during the ebola crisis will assist the government in any way they can if requested to do so.."

In a Facebook address, John Mahama also called on ECOWAS and the UN to put in place enforceable protocols in dealing with the pandemic.

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"During the Ebola crisis, I had the experience in working with our partners in ECOWAS and UN in addressing the threat, ECOWAS must now put in place common enforceable protocols to deal with the coronavirus across the sub-region and related issues. ECOWAS health and other relevant ministers and advisors must hold teleconference as a matter of urgency to review sub-regions action being put in place to protect us.."

GHS takes delivery of more PPEs for health professionals

The Ghana Health Service, GHS has also taken delivery of the second consignment of Personal Protective Equipment, PPE.

The PPEs will help protect health professionals who are in contact with infected Covid-19 victims.

Director-General for the Ghana Health Service Dr Patrick Aboagye said they have taken delivery of the second consignment of PPEs.

He said the third consignment is also expected in the country soon and will be distributed.

Dr Patrick Aboagye also advised the health professional to use the PPEs judiciously.

"We've brought in the second consignment of PPEs, we are expecting the third consignment and as it comes it will be distributed. As we continue to expand our training and rapid response teams, there are systems and resources available plan to ensure that as and when we need PPEs we will use them. We will ask that people not to also waste PPEs, that is extremely important because it globally not readily available.."