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Ghanaians have always loved corruption - Martin Kpebu

By Mutala Yakubu
 Martin Kpebu
Martin Kpebu
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Private legal practitioner, Martin Kpebu says Ghanaians have always been corrupt and that is one major factor hindering the progress of the nation.

Mr Kpebu speaking on Joy FM's NewsFile said "we've always been corrupt. It's not today that it's being normalized".

"Ghana normalised corruption long ago. We have always loved corruption."

He also said it was time we tackle the issue with some stiffness, Mr Kpebu said public office holders must be investigated thoroughly if their lifestyle does not match their earnings.

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"If your lifestyle does not support your earning you must be deemed to be corrupt and investigated."

"Let’s use the commission of enquiry method to fight corruption. If politicians are made to stand before a commission when their term is over, it will help with accountability"

"Government appointees must be made to appear before a Commission to account for all assets acquired whiles in office. This will help fight corruption in the country," he added.

The Centre for Democratic Development released the latest Afrobarometer report which showed key public officials in Ghana, the police, judges and magistrates, Members of Parliament, civil servants, and tax officials were most widely perceived as corrupt.

According to the report the Ghana Police Service topped the most corruption perception rankings in the country, with many Ghanaians often expressing their belief that police officers are corrupt.

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Even though the government has always insisted on leading a successful fight against corruption in public life, more than half of respondents believe that the level of corruption in the country has increased.