Goil, Shell cheating customers : We’re sorry for cheating you - OMCs

By Mutala Yakubu
Goil, Shell cheating customers :  We’re sorry for cheating you - OMCs
Goil, Shell cheating customers : We’re sorry for cheating you - OMCs

The Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMCs) has apologized to fuel consumers who may have been cheated following revelation by the Metrology Department of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) that 10 fuel stations had been under-delivering products to their customers.

These stations had adjusted their pumps and were cheating customers by not serving them the right quantity.

The AOMCs in a statement says the fuel stations involved in the act have rectified the issue.

“These credible and sustainable Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) mentioned, have since corrected the issues raised by the GSA during the audit of their retail outlets,” the statement said.

It added: “It is worth noting that these companies have quality vans and personnel with excellent technical know-how who periodically embark on visits to their respective retail outlets in order to ensure the right quality, quantity and pricing is delivered to consumers across the country.”

The AOMCs also noted that it is working with its members to deliver value for money to consumers.

“We would like to remind our dear consumers that in the event of any doubt of the volume of fuel being served at retail outlets, the 'Ntease kwura' (10-litre can) should be requested to verify volumes delivered. We will, however, continue to invoke our “mystery shopping” and put our finger on the state of the art technology which is currently under discussions with the appropriate regulators including the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA),” the association said.

The 10 stations, which have each been fined GHS5,000, include Shell, Motorway Extension; Total, McCarthy Hill; GOIL Mile 11; Frimps Oil, Tetegu junction; GOIL, Galilea; Frimps Oil, Spintex Road; Glory Oil, Spintex Road; Allied Oil, Sakaman; Shell, Amanfrom West and Goodness Energy, Kasoa.

In addition, two companies; Galaxy Oil, Spintex Road; and Agapet, Spintex Road, had broken the GSA seal without permission.

“In summary, out of 65 stations visited, 55 delivered right quantities whilst 10 under-delivered,” the GSA said in a statement.

The group assured consumers of “our relentless and unwavering determination to attain 100% compliance.”