North East Region : Chereponi district assembly shut down

By Wendy Amarteifio
district assembly
North East Region : Chereponi district assembly shut down

The Chereponi district assembly has been shut down after the coordinating director, Alhaji Alhassan Fuseini of the assembly was attacked and nearly killed in the ongoing protracted ethnic land violence between the Konkombas and Anufus.

Mr Fuseini was on his way from the district capital on Monday evening and was attacked by angry suspected Konkombas at a village in the nearby Saboba district.

The attackers opened fire on his vehicle and grounded it before targeting the occupants.

The coordinating officer sustained gunshots wounds and had to be taken back to Chereponi for treatment after the outnumbered security men struggled to counter the attack. The grounded official vehicle abandoned in the village was later burnt totally by the villagers.

Reports indicate that the coordinating director has been moved from Chereponi where he was treated to the Tamale teaching hospital where he is been treated. He received a gunshot wound on the left part of his eye and is currently responding to treatment.

Following the incident, two senior staff have confirmed that the assembly has unofficially been closed until further notice. Also, some 16 persons are in various custody in Chereponi, Saboba and Yendi. The police has also retrieved some weapons from the fighters who are in police custody assisting in investigations.

Meanwhile, speaking to Starr FM, the executive director of Africa Centre for Security and Counter -terrorism,  Emmanuel Kotin is calling for a refocus of media reportage on the ongoing conflict. 

''What we realize is that most of these reporters are in Tamale. Tamale is a distance from Saboba and Chereponi and because it is a conflict zone most of them didn't have access to these places, so they pick a phone interview whoever they get and depending on how the reporters see the information they pass it out . Most of the things that the media houses are channelling out are not true and our investigations proved otherwise

''Some media houses don't cross-check their facts, they interview one faction and report it which goes against the ethics of good journalism'', he added.

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