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#NSMQ2019 : Wesley Girls, Tepa knocked out by St Peter's as they reach finals

By Wendy Amarteifio
#NSMQ2019 : Wesley Girls, Tepa knocked out by St Peter's as they reach finals

The 2018 champions of the National Science and Maths quiz, St Peter's Senior High School, Persco has kicked out another NSMQ giant Wesley Girls SHS and Tepa SHS from the Semis to qualify for the finals of the competition.

The 3-time winners of the National Science and Maths quiz, Persco recorded an impressive win in the semifinal of the ongoing quiz on Monday afternoon.

Respective contestants looked aggressive and strived with all their might to qualify to the finals throughout the contest.

The start of the contest was a tough one for Wesley Girls SHS. An attempt to answer most questions in the first round was unsuccessful as they paved way for the Eastern regional reigning champion, St Peter's SHS to lead followed by Tepa SHS. Results of the first round St. Peter's SHS: 26pts, Tepa SHS: 12pts and Wesley Girls' High School, 11pts.

With cheers from participating schools to their contestants, speed race was the next. During this stage, Persco managed to get 31 pts. Tepa SHS striving to meet the mark scored 16pts whilst the almighty Wesley Girls trailed on 9pts.

Progressing to the third stage of the contest which was Problem of the day, it was Wesley Girls, that made a U-turn as they led the stage and Persco backslided. Wesley Girls led with 4pts, Tepa SHS followed with 2pts and Persco had 1pt.

Persco recovered as they scored 39pts in round 4, Tepa SHS: 28pts and Wesley Girls : 26pts.

Wesley Girls did not lose hope after fourth round as they kept cheering their contestants ahead of the final round. 


Geyhey before the end of contest

The final round saw St. Peter's SHS dominate with 48pts , Tepa SHS: 28pts and Geyhey 26pts and they won the contest to qualify for the finals

Geyhey after the end of contest


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