Families demand independent body to conduct DNA test on 'human remains' of Tadi girls

By Wendy Amarteifio
Families demand independent body to conduct DNA test on 'human remains' of Tadi girls

Families of the three kidnapped girls are demanding for an independent body to conduct the DNA test on the human remains recovered by the police behind the Kansaworodo residence of the prime suspect, Samuel Udoetuk Wills who is standing trial.

The police, on Friday, August 2, as part of investigations into the kidnapping of the three Takoradi girls who have gone missing for almost year, conducted an operation led by the Takoradi police command leading to the discovering of body parts in a septic tank.

The remains have since been transported to the Police Hospital in Accra where the police say it will take four weeks for a forensic examination to be completed to determine whether or not the remains are those of the missing girls.

The families in a joint press conference today, August 6 2019, insisted they require an independent DNA test.

This comes a few days after the father of one of the kidnapped girls had said in a media interview that he will not cooperate with the police, expressing his mistrust in them.

The police on Saturday, August 3, visited the families of the girls to update them on their operations and also to seek their cooperation in the process as their DNA will later be required to complete the forensic examination.

Again, the Ghana Police Service has refuted claims that a confession or tip-off led the retrieval of human remains linked to the kidnapped Takoradi girls.

According to an update statement on the retrieval of the human remains, the Police said the discovery was as a result of ongoing efforts at examining several angles of the investigation.

Meanwhile, a case manager at the DNA diagnostic Centre, Olivia Asare stated that it will take at least a month to find concrete evidence in revealing the identity of the human remains presumed to be that of the three missing Takoradi girls.