Takoradi:One year old baby abducted at Market Circle

By Wendy Amarteifio
Takoradi:One year old baby abducted at Market Circle

A one-year-old baby has been abducted by a woman at Takoradi Central Market popularly known as “Market Circle” in the Western Region.

The suspect is believed to be a middle-aged woman in her early forties. The boy was abducted from his mother last Friday, March 22, 2019.

Police and residents of Takoradi are on a manhunt for the suspect. The suspect who was dressed in a long dress with a veil covering her face on the day pretended to be shopping at the market circle and engaged the boy's mother, Nana Akosua in a conversation to the extent that the two started communicating in Ewe, a local dialect.  

According to reports, the unidentified suspect requested to help the trader, Nana Akosua to hand over her baby boy to her to relieve her to speed up with serving her customers. The suspect then took the one-year-old boy and his siblings to a nearby pastries shop and bought them some, and later returned the siblings leaving the one-year-old boy with the pastries seller.

The suspect then promised to return the boy but subsequently run away with the boy without the mother noticing.

Later, the victim’s mother, realising their absence at the pastries shop, raised an alarm but it was too late to trace the whereabouts of her one-year-old boy and the suspect.

The frustrated mother began searching for her baby, and fortunately, some banks in the market's CCTV captured the victim and suspect. That was where the woman identified the woman with her baby.

CCTV Photo of Takoradi Kidnapper Suspect captured on CCTV with the one-year-old boy

The Takoradi police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect and the baby.