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We trust our results and still stand by it - FDA to COA Herbal

By Mutala Yakubu
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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has hit back at COA Herbal after the latter challenged their test results conducted on COA FS Food Supplement which showed the product was contaminated.

The FDA conducted test on samples of COA FS Food Supplement and the laboratory analysis of the product showed excessive microbial, mold and yeast contamination.

They also found out that the product was contaminated with E.Coli which must not be present in a medicinal product.

They then ordered the Cape Coast-based company to recall the product with specific batch numbers.

Manufacturers of the product, Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission, have however challenged the claims by the FDA that COA FS is unwholesome for public consumption.

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They say their own private test at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital proved that the drug was not contaminated.

Their CEO Prof Samuel Ato Duncan, said they are sensing a grand scheme to bring the company down.

However Head of laboratories at the FDA, Eric Kakari Boateng on Citi FM says the FDA did a diligent job and they still stand by their results.

“If they have done (their own tests), that is their piece of cake I guess. We trust the result that we realised. We always stand by it. This is not the first time we have been challenged. This is like the fifth time. Even multinationals have challenged us and we have not lost a single one because before we come out with the results, we cross-check so we are extremely sure of what we are doing before it comes out. Telling someone to do recall is not an easy thing so we will not just come and tell you to do a recall when there is no cause for concern. But our recall stills holds."

He, therefore, urged COA Herbal to submit their said report to the FDA for the necessary next line of action to be determined.

“There are standard ways of resolving challenges. They have a right to challenge so they should submit the report, attach a letter and bring it to the FDA and then we will take it from there. We say there is contamination, they say there is no contamination but it is what the law says. So they should get their report and send it through the right channel,” he added.

Even though COA Herbal has acted on the FDA directive and recalled their product from the market, they have also vowed to challenge the test.