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5 benefits of chewing gum

By Bernice Ansah
5 benefits of chewing gum
5 benefits of chewing gum
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Everybody enjoys chewing gums. They would pop one while driving, relaxing, after a meal or simply to enjoy their oral fixation with something sweet.

While you might already know that chewing gum is good for the teeth and keeping the mouth fresh, they also have a number of other surprising health benefits. Continue reading for all the pros of chewing gum that you need to be aware of.

1. Eases ear blockages

Many people find it uncomfortable to fly in as the pressurized cabin can block the ears or cause irritation and pain. A good way to relieve this is with a pack of gum.

Instead of pinching your nose and trying to blow your ears clear, chewing a stick of gum will naturally help the air pressure in the ear equalize with the outside pressure. It is also an effective remedy to drain water that gets clogged in the ears after a shower or a swim. Chewing motion helps clear the sinus cavities and push the liquids further out, clearing the ear.

2. Prevents dry mouth and freshens breath

One of the reasons your mouth stinks is due to the lack of salivary flow and the growth of excess bacteria that follows. Chewing gum stimulates your salivary glands and keeps your mouth fresh all day while killing the nasty bacteria. A sugar-free mint flavors gum is all you need is a fresh feel in your mouth throughout the day.

3. Improves digestion

While chewing gum has no direct influence on the digestive process, chewing gum before a meal actually improves digestion. This happens because the chewing action stimulates the mouth to produce saliva and the stomach to produce digestive acids effectively preparing the system for a meal.

Therefore not only will it ease in swallowing food but also improves digestion by getting the stomach ready.

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4. Fights nausea

People who are prone to morning or motion sickness can get great relief by chewing on a piece of gum, especially the herbal types that have ginger in them to aid in salivary production and digestion. Surprisingly, a recent study even shows that chewing gum can be just as effective as prescription drugs for nausea.

It’s also worthwhile to note that chewing gums are frequently prescribed after a major bowel surgery by surgeons to help stimulate the digestive system. More studies back up this practice as an effective intervention thanks to its lack of side effects and low cost.

5. Increases alertness

Many people cannot function at their best unless they have six to eight hours of sleep, and it’s often the case that they miss that all-important sleep. Instead of chugging coffee and popping caffeine pills, you can get plenty of alertness by chewing a stick of gum.

Studies show that chewing gum and the associated jaw movement combats sleepiness during the day by increasing brain activity. The constant stimulation of the nerves linked to the arousal increases blood flow to the brain, making you more alert. Mint flavored gums are extra effective in helping you keep fresh and alert throughout.