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Romantic Friday: 5 ways to tell if someone likes you

By Bernice Ansah
5 ways to tell if someone likes you
5 ways to tell if someone likes you
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“Remember when we used to hang out with our college friends? I liked you a lot. But you never noticed me.”
“Really? I liked you too and tried to give you some hints, but you never made a move. So, I assumed you weren’t interested after all and didn’t make a move either.”

Have you ever had a conversation as such before?

It’s not easy to tell if someone likes you. In fact, knowing for sure if someone in into us is almost impossible unless they explicitly tell us.
Small signs such as how close to us they sit, how much they remember about us, how much they keep a conversation going, the way they smile, nervousness, curiosity, and the amount of time they spend with us, can help us understand if someone is into us or not.
A person interested in you may show these signs or at least a few of them however, if they don’t make a move and you’re still wondering whether they like you or not, the best thing you can do is to take the first step yourself and ask them.
Life is too short to waste time overthinking.

1. Finding ways to stay in touch

When someone is attracted to you, they will also look for a way to stay in touch with you. They’ll find a number of reasons to call or text you, possibly just to speak to you or to tell you something they want you to hear. Many times, the texts can be quite trivial, sending you a smiley face, a joke, or just a message asking you what you’re up to. Even if they don’t have anything truly important to tell you, it won’t stop them from finding a way to keep in touch.

2. They Notice Things About You

If someone is truly interested in you, they will notice everything about you. They take note of the things that make you smile, the type of food you like. They’ll recognize your signature scent, as well as the way you always wear your hair. They’ll even notice the teeny tiny things like a small mole on your cheekbone or how your eyes crinkle a bit when you smile. If you want proof that someone really likes you, you’ll know it when they start showing you that they notice all the little things that nobody else does but you.

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3. They Slide Into Your DMs

Will all these Boomers, Gen X-ers and Millennials and the way they live life these days, sliding into DMs is a whole new way of dating and showing someone they like. DM stands for direct message, which most social media platforms like Instagram now have. This allows people to message you directly, even those you don’t know, to find ways to speak to you personally. If someone starts ‘sliding into your DMs’ trying to get to know you or even to possibly ask you out, it’s because they like you.

4. They Care About Their Appearance Around You

If you like someone, it’s obvious that you want to look attractive to that person right? So if you notice that someone is especially careful about their appearance when you’re around, it’s because they want you to look at them the same way that they look at you. Just notice if you walk into a room and suddenly someone starts fixing their hair, fixing their clothes and making sure that everything is in place, it’s pretty obvious that they want you to like what you see and are hopeful that when you look at them, you’ll reciprocate their feelings.

5.They’re Nervous Around You

If you notice that someone is acting all nervous, shy or awkward when they are around you, it could mean that they like you. Many times, when someone ends up getting incredibly demure or bashful when you’re around, it’s because they are trying very hard not to make fools of themselves. Other times, it can be due to them worrying about saying the wrong thing or thinking about how to make the best impression on you. So the next time you notice some acting a bit skittish when you’re around, it’s highly likely that they like you.