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Dealing with immaturity: 8 signs you’re way too immature for a relationship

By Michael Klugey
Dealing with immaturity: 8 signs you’re way too immature for a relationship
Dealing with immaturity: 8 signs you’re way too immature for a relationship
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Relationship immaturity, that’s what it’s all about. There are certain actions that guys just won’t put up with and we totally agree with them. 

It would be nice if women would try to stop doing these things but sometimes the nerves just strike and you can’t help but do it. 

Perhaps, if you’re a girl and you’re reading this, you can learn to resist doing these 8 things immature women do and help yourself to save your relationships.

1. Everything is a joke.

Yeah, it’s great to have a partner who is witty and playful, but we have to understand that not everything in life is a joke. Sometimes you have to get real and take things seriously, especially issues that are attached to complex emotions. If your partner has difficulty with strong emotions, especially negative ones, and chooses to make jokes instead of getting real and deep, there’s probably a good deal of going on.

2. Tries to make him jealous or gets jealous.

Trying to make your significant other jealous is overall quite immature. Girls are more likely to do it because they like the feeling of being wanted more than guys do. Regardless if it works or not, it is an unnecessary thing to do. An immature woman will use this tactic to shake her partner up a bit, and the sad part of it is she will let him know that he should never get too comfortable because the world is full of other options for her. But intentionally making your partner jealous really shows your own insecurities, and it is definitely a clear sign that you’re too immature to be in a relationship. If you always feel the need to let your partner know that you can have any guy that you want, he may eventually get fed up and kick you to the curb.

At the end of the day, it’s rude and disrespectful to him. Once again, it’s something that will just turn him off. Women are known to get jealous more often than men but it’s the way jealousy is handled that counts. So next time you feel jealous and not sure what to believe, take a few steps back to see if it’s worth it or not.

3. Compares him to others.

Possibly the worst thing she can do is compare him to her ex or to another guy or to another person. Nobody wants to be compared — especially if it’s to point out you’re doing something wrong. Guys have their pride and most of them carry it as a first priority (something that actually turns women off). So once they feel they’ve been compared to, their self-esteem takes a left turn and as a result, they get turned off. If you want him to leave you, this is a good way to do it. Just talk about your ex or another guy and compare them both. I promise you he won’t accept it and he’ll leave for good for someone who appreciates him and does not look down on him.

4. Tries to change him.

This is one that women will probably never learn. There’s always a mission to change a man, whether it be small (such as his taste in clothes) or big, such as his values. Whatever the need to change is, it’s NOT necessary and it’s NOT going to happen. A man likes the idea that he’s loved for who he is, not for who he can potentially be. What’s the point of being with him if you’re not fond of who he really is? Sometimes the man can take it and sometimes he can just get fed up and leave. Either way, it leaves the relationship rocky and unsatisfying. It doesn’t feel good if someone is trying to change the way you’ve been your whole life. Considering a man’s ego, it must sting. You’re only going to chase him away by trying to change him.

5. Holding grudges.

If you think that holding grudges is the best way to teach your partner a lesson, you’re sadly mistaken. In a relationship, he is bound to make you upset at some point, and arguments will happen whether you try to avoid them or not. But once you accept his apology for the part he played in the disagreement, you need to learn how to let go and move on. If you keep harping on the past, and constantly hold grudges, you are only causing more damage to the relationship.

Those who constantly hold grudges are looking to get sympathy, love playing the victim, and they are searching for the compassion and comfort they feel they were duped out of in the past. But holding grudges is also a sign of immaturity, and once you learn to move on, you will be a much happier person. You will be able to finally enjoy your relationship even more.

6. Refuses to communicate.

He brings something to your attention and you immediately get defensive and all you have to say is “how dare he?!”. But instead of engaging in a meaningful conversation to get to the root of the problem, you decide to shut off entirely. At this point, the conversation is over, and you’re done talking to him. Any further attempts from him to communicate with you result in him getting the cold shoulder. You already know that the way you’re acting is hurting your relationship, but you continue to do it…over…and over again.

Refusing to communicate with your partner in the good times and the bad times is definitely a sign of immaturity. It shows that you are unable to properly vocalize your thoughts and your feelings. If you just need a breather from the situation, take a moment or two to gather your thoughts. But at some point, your maturity needs to kick in, and you need to be able to communicate and tackle your relationship issues head-on.

7. You have a “Foot in Mouth” syndrome.

An immature person will constantly say things that they instantly regret. Whether it be ragging on their partner for their clothing choices, or making fun of him for his taste in music, etc. Having “foot in mouth” syndrome is a definite sign that you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship. Putting your partner down and constantly bashing them is not only doing harm to your relationship, but it’s also downright rude!

As you mature, you will learn that everyone is different, and you can either accept them the way they are, or keep it moving. But to constantly put someone down will surely put an end to your relationship before it even has a chance to start. If you’ve noticed that you’re constantly embarrassing yourself by shoving your foot in your mouth, it’s a sign that you have a little bit of growing up to do before you’re truly ready to be in a committed relationship.

8. You constantly battle.

Some people are natural debaters. They love engaging in meaningful conversations about everything from sports to politics to business. But there is a huge difference in conversing about relevant topics and constantly battling with your partner about everything under the sun. If you notice that you and him are always arguing about the most meaningless things, it could be a sign that you’re too immature for a relationship. Being in a relationship is all about picking and choosing your battles. Over time, you will realize that not everything is worth fighting over.

To summarize, when it comes to an immature woman, she’s extremely selfish. If the situation doesn’t benefit her, there’s no way she would go out of her way for anyone — not even the man she supposedly loves. This is a sign of immaturity, and it definitely means that you’re not ready to be in a committed relationship.

If you’re too concerned about what you’re getting out of the relationship, then maybe it’s best that you end things now and be on your own. He deserves to be with someone who can reciprocate and show that they love him unselfishly.