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Signs your man loves you to bits

By Hagar Ofosua
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Being in love with someone and not being sure they truly love you back can be very worrying.

 However, knowing the answer is very paramount to deciding on if you should be in that relationship or not Here are some signs that will manifest if a man claims that he truly loves you.

He’s always willing to communicate with you
Communication is key to the success of every relationship. Most relationships have fallen on rocks due to ineffective communication. If your man is that type who responds to your messages and can’t wait to hear from you, then that is enough sign that he really loves you. Again, check on how he even responds to your messages, and on how often he also calls you during the day. Is he always itching to talk to you or otherwise?

Does he enjoy spending time with you?

Relationships involve investing in one's time and energy. If your partner is that type who always wants to spend time with you, he puts you first among all other things, this is a very good sign that he is into you. On the other hand, if he is always avoiding you and making up excuses for most of your dates, then you should as well get worried about who else he has been spending his time with.

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He introduces you to his family and friends.
This is another vital element should also look out for. If he is very secretive about your relationship and doesn’t want even his friends to know, it tells he is not too sure about you. But if he wants to introduce you to his friends, then that is enough sign that you are the one he wants. Well, this does not apply all that time but in a way, it is a great sign for most relationships.

He shows you lots of affection
Love doesn’t have to be sex. If he is one who compliments your natural beauty even when you are without makeup, cancels his plans just to be with you, forgives when you when you wrong him, apologises when he wrongs you too, and gives you special dinner treats, acts silly just to make you laugh, and so on, then he’s really into you.

Seeks your view in every decision he takes
It would sound out of place if your partner just relocates to another house, sells his car without informing you, travels without informing you, does not share his problems with you etc. Well, these would be inconsiderate of him and a huge sign that he is really not into you. But if you are the first person he shares every of his decision with, both good and bad news, then he truly loves you.

Apart from these signs, your actions can also determine the length of affection he would show to you. When you treat him fairly, you will command that love you are looking for. Remember men also deserve some form of attention too.

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