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Tricks to make your nail polish dry super-fast at home

By Wendy Amarteifio
Tricks to make your nail polish dry super-fast at home
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You take your time to apply nail polish and by the time you are done, you can’t stop admiring how perfectly you have done it.

Then as you stretch your fingers to admire your manicure as you wait for them to dry, you mess up with it all and you have to redo it. Haven’t we all been there? Or even worse, the nail polish accidentally stains your outfit.

To prevent such mishaps, the trick is to make your nail polish dry faster. Plus, sometimes you are just in a rush to leave and you don’t have 20 minutes to wait for the nail polish to dry. For a quick dry of your nail polish, try out these simple tricks:


If you want your nail polish to dry fast, then stay away from heat. Before you start doing your manicure, fill a bowl with cold water and add two or three ice cubes in it. Then after you are done applying your nail polish, dip your fingers in the bowl for like three minutes. That’s enough time to allow the polish to dry.

2. Your hairdryer is your friend

Before you start painting your nails, plug in your hairdryer and put it on cool air setting. As soon as you are done, hold the dryer some inches away from your freshly done nails and ensure they get enough supply of the cold air. This is one of the fastest ways to dry your nail polish at home.

3. Apply thin coats

Instead of applying one or two thick coats, apply several thin layers. This not only shortens the drying period but it also helps in avoiding smudges. Between each application, you give your nail polish time to dry up.

4. Use baby oil

You can either use baby oil or cooking oil to dry your nail polish. Just add a drop or two after painting your nails and give them some time. It dries your nails while also leaving them moisturized. You could also use olive oil for the same purpose.

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5. Quick-drying top coat

Instead of applying the ordinary topcoat, you can invest in a quick-drying topcoat. After you are done applying your nail polish, just brush the top coat on top to allow the nail polish set in fast and also to enhance the drying process.