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Merqury Quaye defends Ghanaian DJs and schools musicians

By Merqury Quaye
Merqury Quaye defends Ghanaian DJs and school musicians
Merqury Quaye defends Ghanaian DJs and school musicians

Ghanaian DJ advocate Merqury Quaye has taken a swipe at Ghanaian musicians for blaming DJs for their inability to penetrate international markets. 

The founder of Ghana DJ Awards made some very crucial points on his Facebook page early Monday which has generated a lot of discussions in the entertainment circles in Ghana. According to the finest Hypeman in Ghana, Ghanaian musicians shouldn't blame their inability to make an international cut on local DJs.

Kudos to all Ghanaian DJs for the amazing work. Let reiterate that as local DJs, we can promote our music all we can here in Ghana; just as we have done and have the likes of Kuami Eugene's Angela, King Promise's CCTV, Kwesi Arthur's Woara, and what have you, recently to get them to every corner in the country. It is all local and stays local.

What stakeholders must decipher is that takes an international promotional effort to penetrate other markets beyond local territory; that is what Nigerian musicians and promoters do better than the rest of Africa. This is how come until any musician makes that kind of effort in any other country(this happens once in a blue moon), you don't hear music from other African countries here in Ghana.

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Let me ask a question, my fellow countrymen - have you ever heard anyone in Ghana attack Ghanaian DJs for playing too much Chinese music, Malian music, Namibian music, Liberian music, or Brazilian music? The reference has always been NIGERIAN MUSIC. Are you getting the picture now?

I have heard and seen various attacks on DJs which makes no sense and, as an advocate for DJs, I rubbish anytime I come across them because we are promoting our music more than ever.

Do you remember Tic Tac's international efforts some years back? I was a member of his management team. Do you remember the continental impact? It was phenomenal. We played several shows in Nigeria, not to Ghanaians; TO NIGERIANS, and they always went Gaga. He made an incredible international effort!

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Intelligence is when you deduce that you can't attract foreign demand without an effort to reach foreigners.

Sadly, even Ghanaian show promoters in other countries don't make the issue any better because their shows target same Ghanaians and not local nationals; this means a Ghanaian act is promoted to perform in the USA, for example, but goes to perform to Ghanaians, not Americans.

Locally, we are doing great but until the businessmen into music understand the concept of international marketing, our music stays here as it has over the years.

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