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Fight against vigilantism: We are ready to meet NDC at their party office for dialogue- NPP's Sammy Awuku

By Mutala Yakubu
NPP's Sammy Awuku

National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Sammy Awuku says his party will be willing to meet with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at their party office to dialogue on disbanding vigilantes.

After 25 days since the President made the call for the disbandment of political vigilantism, both parties seem to be coming to a consensus.

The NDC wrote to the President twice and the NPP have now written to the NDC proposing that both parties meet within the week to find a solution to this.

The NDC Deputy General Secretary Peter Boamah Otokunor has criticised the NPP saying that the details of their letter show that they are not committed to the process to disband vigilante groups.

One of such criticism comes as the letter failed to mention a venue and time for the dialogue.

But Mr Awuku says they did not include those details because they want to sort the consent of the NDC and will be willing to meet them even at their own party headquarters.

"The NDC' comments is very disappointing because the two chairmen of the parties had agreed to meet but the Ofosu Ampofo leaked tape halted things a bit"

"Yesterday the NPP sent a letter to the NDC and were expecting to get a response earlier and we are still waiting"

"The reason why we did not propose meeting venue and time is because we don't want the NDC to come back in a theatrical manner and shift the goal post again, so they should decide where we should meet"

"We are open to meet them at their own party office or even if they propose we meet at the residence of former president Mahama we will avail ourselves".

Mr Awuku added that the NDC must corporate so both parties can end this vigilantism.

Reports say the NDC executives are currently locked in a meeting and will come out with their response to the NPP' letter.

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