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Ghana needs a permanent development plan which all gov't must adopt - Mahama

By Mutala Yakubu
John Mahama
John Mahama

Former President John Mahama says the lack of a permanent national cohesive development plan is what if affecting the progress of the national.

Mr. Mahama who was addressing the 88th Annual National Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana over the weekend says due to our continues change of government, it is time we have a permanent development plan which every government must adopt.

"From GPRS II we went to the Ghana Shared Growth Development Agenda I, from there we went to Ghana Shared Growth Development Agenda II and now we have Ghana Beyond Aid. One of the banes of our continues national development has been the lack of a cohesive permanent development agenda that all of us buy into. Since our democracy is characterised by regular changes in government from one party to the other, it means what we have done over the years is to take two steps forward and take a step backwards. That is why in 2020 where we deemed we should be us a country is not where we are and this is not satisfactory, until we come up with a cohesive national development plan and pursue it relentlessly we will continue to have issues with our growth".

His comments came as a result of questions been raised over Vision 2020 which many feel was not given enough concentration by successive governments hence failed.

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This year marks 25 years since the Vision 2020 plan was launched to put Ghana at par with Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia but experts say not enough political will was demonstrated to attain the target.

Vision 2020 was launched in 1995 under the leadership of former President Jerry John Rawlings during the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the document which was developed by the NDPC was to provide a blueprint for Ghana's sustainable socio-economic development to be achieved by the year 2020.