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Gov't should give Safo Kantanka the chance to end dumsor - Sarkodie

By Michael Klugey
Gov't should give Safo Kantanka the chance to end dumsor - Sarkodie
Gov't should give Safo Kantanka the chance to end dumsor - Sarkodie
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Rapper Sarkodie has raised some strong assertions that he doesn't understand why the government is not giving Kantanka Group of Companies founded by Kwadwo Safo Kantanka the chance to end 'dumsor'. 

According to a series of tweets, the rapper revealed that he embarked on a visit to Kantanka Automobile Company Limited off the Winneba road recently and it was disclosed to him that the government ignored Safo Kantanka's offer to end 'dumsor'.

Sarkodie in his tweets, seemed to be highly emotional about developments that tend to affect growth in the country.

He tweeted: “I visited The legend Apostle Safo Kantanka few days ago and I was amazed!!!! So I didn’t know he offered to solve ‘dumsor’ … Before y’all come at me with y’all comment, why are we (the government x the people) not giving him the chance to ??

“My mum plus my aunts are of the old school… there’s nothing you can say to them to change their minds about their party but we the young ones should think different! We must question… The power is in our hands.”

Sark, as he is affectionately called, said politicians don’t care about the people when they get the power they’ve waited for.

In another tweet, Sarkodie explained: “Reason I don’t follow our political parties: I think as soon as they get in power, they change! personal gains become the order of the day … No one is ready to sacrifice the long term for the people and it’s sad.”


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