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Medical report indicates driver, mate were assaulted in Cells

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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A medical report from the Opoku Ware Hospital in Accra has indicated that driver and mate who were arrested for assaulting a Police Officer at Weija were also beaten while in Police custody.

The two Francis Buabeng,26yrs, Albert Ansah,33yrs are to reappear in court today April 1 after they were granted bail on Friday, March 29.

The accused persons told the court they were brutalized by policemen since they were remanded in the custody of the police.

The leader of a team of nine lawyers, lawyer Martin Kpedu disclosed that the head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) intervened and moved the two to a BNI facility.

The legal representation for the driver and mate asked the court to allow the accused persons to seek medical attention.

Speaking to Joy FM, a doctor that the Opoku Ware Hospital in Accra, Dr. Alfred Opoku said his evaluation indicates that the two were tortured while they were in police custody.

"When I examine him the right eye looks a bit reddish, the left ear also looks reddish, the other man complains of severe headache, he also has general body pains and he also complains of a very severe lower abdominal pain."


According to the police situational report, at Weija a driver seen in the video with his mate beating the officer stopped in the middle of the road to wait for some passengers.

These actions by the driver caused heavy traffic on the road and in the process, a motorbike ran into the rear of a private car.

Then the police officer who has been assaulted went there to help the situation, the driver nearly hit him with the vehicle and sped off, the officer then took an Okada and followed them.

After catching up with them, the police officer requested that the driver follow him to the Police station and that resulted in the attack on him by the driver and his mate.

The report also added that after the confrontations, the driver and his mate abandoned the vehicle and went away.

They managed to tow the vehicle to Odorkor police station and on Friday, one WO came that the vehicle belongs to him but the district commander did not release the car to him.