#NMSQ2019 Day 3 : Painful loss, Holy Child out, KUMACA heads to quaterfinals

By Wendy Amarteifio
holy child
#NMSQ2019 Day 3 : Painful loss, Holy Child out, KUMACA heads to quaterfinals

Holy Child School, one of the preferred girls' school has lost in day 3 of the 2019 National Science and Maths Quiz paving way for Kumasi Academy to qualify to the quarterfinals.

The one-eighth contest of the 2019NSMQ  featured Holy Child, Anlo SHS and Kumasi Academy. 

The contest ended with Holy Child in the last position and the scores: Kumaca, 44 points, Anseco, 28 points, Holico, 24 points.

In round one of the contest, Anlo SHS started leading with 14 pts followed by Holychild SHS and Kumasi Academy with 11pts and 7pts respectively.

At around two of the contest, Kumasi Academy who lost in the first round shot up with 20pts, AnloSHS followed with 17pts and Holy Child school with 11pts.

With the Problem of the day, all the schools failed to make at least 10pts. Anlo SHS scored 7pts, Kumasi Academy 5pts and Holy Child School 3pts.

At round 4 of the contest, it was a smooth ride for Kumasi Academy leading with 38pts, Anlo SHS 25 pts and Holy child SHS 21pts

In the final round of the day 3 of the 2019NSMQ, Kumasi Academy nailed it by scoring 38pts qualifying to the quarter-finals of the competition. Anlo SHS scored 28pts and one of the favourite girls' schools, Holy Child SHS lost the contest by scoring 24pts.