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Odaw River: Second phase dredging begins

By Wendy Amarteifio
Odaw River:Second phase dredging begins

The company contracted to desilt the Odaw River, Dredge Masters has begun the second phase of dredging of the Odaw River, a major cause of flooding in the capital.

It follows the death of eleven persons as a result of rains in the space of one week. Following the deaths, the government assured it will do all it can to minimize the impact of rains as the raining season kicks in.

Speaking to journalists after a tour on the Odaw River on April 18, 2019, the Operations Manager of Dredge Masters, Sena Adiepena said about 70% of maintenance dredging will be done in the second phase

According to him:'' The second phase which is the maintenance phase, we compared to the last time work done on the Odaw, we are doing close to 70% of the work we did last time. We are hoping that in less than a year we should be able to complete dredging even during the raining season whilst its raining we will be on the ground. We will work day and night. Our operational structure is such that we are working day and night to ensure that we clean the drain as fast as possible and restore the capacity of the drain''. 

He reiterated that:'' Maintenance dredging is key, regardless of what is done we always have to maintain the drain without that we would lose the capacity of the drain and we will always have flooding ''.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Bureau of Public Safety Nana Yaw Akwada stated government and city authorities are not prioritizing the safety of Ghanaians.

''Am talking about waterworks, the AMA and NADMO, they are not putting the safety of citizens at the call of what they are doing. If you want to judge the state or the government by their commitment in making sure that people are safe, visit the site of June 3 disaster site and check the chaos at the site. Also, it is a waste of time spending money on dredging when people are littering every year''.


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