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Why is the day after Christmas called Boxing Day?

December 26 is not only a day for Santa Claus to catch his breath but a public holiday known as Boxing Day in the United Kingdom and other British Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

What Is Christmas: Understanding the History and Origin

Christmas is so full of wonder, meaning and tradition. But, where did all these things that we now call "Christmas" come from? Let's briefly sketch the origin and development of what we now celebrate as Christ's birth.

My cheating boyfriend gave me HIV - here's how I got justice

Diane Reeve didn't expect to find love again after her 18-year-long marriage fell apart. But in 2002, at the age of 50, she did. It turned out, though, that her new partner, Philippe Padieu, was sleeping around - and had given her HIV.

The Child's Story

Once upon a time, a good many years ago, there was a traveller, and he set out on a journey. It was a magical journey and was to seem very long when he began it, and very short when he got halfway through.

CHAPTER 6: IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil

Like characters in a passionate love story, they thought about each other a lot now that their walks had become frequent. So frequent in just a week that sometimes, “leaving was harder than sharing a bed with Kobbie” Emma would think aloud on her notepad and cancel it out immediately.

CHAPTER 5: IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil

It wasn’t until a few days after she and her husband had dropped the mute girl in front of that very luxurious looking house that Lizzy happened on her again. She did not like the way fate was running them into each other and wished to heaven she could pass unnoticed.