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CHAPTER 6: IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil

Like characters in a passionate love story, they thought about each other a lot now that their walks had become frequent. So frequent in just a week that sometimes, “leaving was harder than sharing a bed with Kobbie” Emma would think aloud on her notepad and cancel it out immediately.

CHAPTER 5: IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil

It wasn’t until a few days after she and her husband had dropped the mute girl in front of that very luxurious looking house that Lizzy happened on her again. She did not like the way fate was running them into each other and wished to heaven she could pass unnoticed.

CHAPTER 4: IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil

By the time the rickety car started again, there was a new passenger. Since she’d blatantly refused to be taken back inside, the only other opportunity they imagined would make things right would be to give her a ride.

CHAPTER 3: IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil

The only sound that could be heard from the room was the screams of a woman. In fact, her screams could be heard above the midwife’s encouragement to ‘push!! Puussshhh.” Her pain was manifested in three different languages- all of which she spoke fluently on any other day except today.

CHAPTER 2 : IN RINGS - Raped By The Devil


“Next!” one of the nurses behind the table bellowed to no particular patient. Her second “next!!” sounded angrier than the first and she adjusted her spectacles on the rims of her nose in anticipation of whoever would rise. A thin woman with a very fat belly stood up this time and walked the distance to the table in a manner that would  make anybody’s patience ran out.

IN RINGS – Raped By The Devil

Inside the wardrobe was dark. The kind of darkness that felt like home because the light outside was not very warm. In fact it was no light at all – just dim electricity and a gun pointed at her husband as one of the hooded men screamed his guts at him. 

My Financial Career

When I go into a bank I get rattled. The clerks rattle me; the wickets rattle me; the sight of the money rattles me; everything rattles me.

The Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork

Once upon a time, there lived a very cunning and mischievous fox. He used to speak to other animals sweetly and gain their trust, before playing tricks on them.

Fat And Thin

Two friends -- one a fat man and the other a thin man -- met at the Nikolaevsky station. The fat man had just dined in the station and his greasy lips shone like ripe cherries.

Change Yourself and not The World

Long ago, people lived happily under the rule of a king. The people of the kingdom were very happy as they led a very prosperous life with an abundance of wealth and no misfortunes.