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10 photos that sum up how beautiful Ghana is

Ghana, is no doubt, one of the most exciting countries to be in West Africa.there are so many beautiful photos of Ghana that have never been seen before. The city, Accra boast of amazing people, mouth-watering dishes, irresistible beaches and rich cultural heritage and history. With its sprawling vegetation, natural endowment, and a network of solid roads, Ghana is a destination of choice for most tourists.

5 reasons why you should go to Church

Our view of Jesus and his church is often filtered through historical, political, and pop-culture lenses. Many see the church as producing cookie-cutter people who follow dominant powers that are  structured rather than as a living organism with discipleship and merciful influence in our surrounding communities. 

How to build a strong romantic relationship

In the wondrous and fascinating world of romance and relationships, there have been foundations and elements that ensure success. Though each situation is unique on its own, there have been things that have undoubtedly worked for couples in the ‘game of love’. 

The Sick vs The Mad; The Case of Naya and Ernest Opoku

This is a fallen gospel musician (a sick man) who mistaken a woman to be a weak object, to be used and dumped, forgetting what Solomon said in the Bible, that a woman can bring down kings; while the lady's actions and words clearly demonstrates a woman who has gone mad after investing her all into a husband-to-be which turned out to be a scam.