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10 photos that sum up how beautiful Ghana is

Ghana, is no doubt, one of the most exciting countries to be in West Africa.there are so many beautiful photos of Ghana that have never been seen before. The city, Accra boast of amazing people, mouth-watering dishes, irresistible beaches and rich cultural heritage and history. With its sprawling vegetation, natural endowment, and a network of solid roads, Ghana is a destination of choice for most tourists.

5 reasons why you should go to Church

Our view of Jesus and his church is often filtered through historical, political, and pop-culture lenses. Many see the church as producing cookie-cutter people who follow dominant powers that are  structured rather than as a living organism with discipleship and merciful influence in our surrounding communities. 

How to build a strong romantic relationship

In the wondrous and fascinating world of romance and relationships, there have been foundations and elements that ensure success. Though each situation is unique on its own, there have been things that have undoubtedly worked for couples in the ‘game of love’. 

The Sick vs The Mad; The Case of Naya and Ernest Opoku

This is a fallen gospel musician (a sick man) who mistaken a woman to be a weak object, to be used and dumped, forgetting what Solomon said in the Bible, that a woman can bring down kings; while the lady's actions and words clearly demonstrates a woman who has gone mad after investing her all into a husband-to-be which turned out to be a scam.

PHOTOS: 2018 first edition of walk with Lexis

Hundreds of people from all walks of life Saturday joined Joy FM presenter Louis Kwame Sakyiamah, better known as Lexis Bill to climb the Aburi Mountain as the first edition of the fitness campaign dubbed ‘Walk with Lexis’ 2018.

Why do men cheat?

No single factor drives most men to cheat on their partners. Messy breakups force women to continuously demand answers to the big question, "Why do men cheat?".

How to get rid of pimples

Pimples can be so much to deal with, granted you keep getting that rough and bumpy feel whenever your fingers run across your face.

How To bathe without water and still feel fresh

How To bathe: It is good to keep personal hygiene but should that warrant a daily shower? Unless you have a physical job or you work out often, experts say there is no need to shower any more than two times every three days.

How to prepare garden egg stew

The garden egg which is now recognized as a good weight loss vegetable can be used in preparing a sumptuous garden egg stew which can be enjoyed with any of the many tubers, especially Yam.

5 of the top fashion designers in Ghana

Fashion designers in Ghana have excellent entrepreneurial skills, their own clothing lines and companies, showcase collections on runways across Africa and the world, getting international and local endorsements and deals.

Most importantly, they are making money and that is exactly the life of some of the influential fashion designers in Ghana.

8 fast food joints in Accra to visit

When you are extremely tired after a hard days work or just too lazy to go through the stress of preparing a whole meal at home with all the resources it requires, Fast Food joints are your best option.

How to prepare cabbage stew

Cabbage Stew is one of the most nutritious dishes as can be. It is also a Ghanaian favorite because it is easy to try it with a variety of other ingredients and main dishes.

How to prepare vegetable salad

Vegetable salads make great combinations with all rice dishes. They can also be eaten separately as a main dish as they are very wholesome and extremely delicious.

How to prepare Pinkaso

Crunchy, spiced and tastiness is what comes to mind whenever you think of Pinkaso which is mostly enjoyed with Hausa Koko for breakfast.

How to Prepare Koose

To accompany your hot Hausa Kooko(Millet Porridge), you will definitely need Koose otherwise known as Spicy Bean Cakes from Ghana.

How to prepare Hausa Koko

Hausa Koko, also known as millet porridge is a nutritious breakfast beverage prepared in Ghana. It is widely patronized in Ghana and enjoyed by so many because of its delicious taste.

How to prepare Palm Nut Soup

Palm Nut soup, a delicacy made from Palm fruits is enjoyed by many for its delicious taste and satisfying nature.

How to prepare Sobolo

Sobolo, is a very popular drink in Ghana and other countries such as Senegal, Nigeria, and Egypt. It is a tea made from Roselle leaves scientifically known as Hibiscus sabdariffa.

6 makeup tips every lady should know

Women from all over the world are figuring out ways to perfect their makeup skills and come up with ways to apply makeup easier and faster.
These are not the usual things everyone knows, but these 6 makeup tips will simplify and improve your makeup routine.

How to prepare Aprapransa

Aprapransa is often made from leftover palmnut soup and is normally eaten on special ocassions. It contains crabs, beans and fish and is heavy and extremely delicious.

WATCH: 4 Simple Exercises to Lift the Breasts Naturally

As we age, unfortunately, our breasts age with us. But not just with time, pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight fluctuations can also force our breasts to surrender to gravity, leaving them saggier and less perky than before.

How to prepare Beef Sauce

Shredded Beef Sauce has the ability to enhance the flavour of your dishes and give you the satisfaction you deserve. Not only is it super tasty but is also a very healthy choice.

Top 10 phrases men say when they are into you

There is a misconception that men are less expressive and verbal in comparison to women, but that’s not true. It honestly depends on what kind of person you are and how you have been socialised.

How to prepare Pancake

Pancakes are undoubtedly one of the tastiest treats for breakfast. If you want to add this to your breakfast menu, follow these simple steps to learn how to prepare pancake.