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How to start a conversation with your crush

Approaching someone you like is not an easy task for everyone, because many of us get intimated by the idea of showing any kind of emotion, and fearing rejection.

How to stop yourself from crying

Crying is entirely normal and healthy, but many of us don’t want to cry in front of other people. When we don’t want to cry in front of other people, is there anything we can do to save face?

Nutritious foods for pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the most complicated periods in a woman's life and pregnant women need to eat healthy to avoid any difficulty when they bring forth.

The Guys' Caucus: The type of woman men love to cheat with

When you’ve been cheated on, a whirlwind of thoughts run through your mind, as you try to piece together where things went wrong in your relationship—and one of those things often includes just who the other woman is.

5 reasons why bad girls rule the world

It is true what they say: Bad girls have more fun! There is nothing quite as liberating as not giving a hoot about what anyone thinks about your behaviour, and not needing anyone’s approval of the way you live your life.

CHECK OUT: 7 Best fanny packs for guys

My personal favorite fashion trend of the season is the infamous fanny pack and youth in Ghana and some celebrities are all cringing at the thought of neon colored pouches resting in front of your crotch. and the year 2018 has brought a whole new look for the fanny pack to keep all your valuable ID's, passports and also money well secured to your body. 

5 Lies Ghanaian women tell most of the time

Ah, Ghanaian women. So sexy and spicy! So cultured and mysterious!

Here is the deal, Ghanaian men, myself included, lies fifty times more than our women. The difference is, our lovely Ghanaian ladies get away with more lies.

What every lady must know before marriage

Marriage is about as big as milestones come. This is your partner! For life! And as such, there are some fundamental life moves you should try to accomplish before you walk down the aisle, just to be sure that you’re entering into your marriage as responsible and self-aware as you can be. 

Cities in Ghana and what they are known for

The Republic of Ghana is a democratic country located in West Africa. The country is currently divided into 10 regions with numerous cities spread across the country with what they are known for and why people should visit there.