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This is what dating will look like in 2022, according to experts

Ah, January: a fresh slate and a time where we take stock for the new year ahead. While many of us are focussing on careers, friends, fitness and recovering from our financial hangover after the festive period, it’s also a time to think about any love, sex and relationship goals going forward and what the dating landscape might look like in 2022.

5 hot sex toy trends for 2022

Every new year is, to be cloyingly cliched, a voyage of discovery – and if you're into discovering yourself or your relationship, spending 2022 introducing some of the best sex toys into your life isn't going to hurt.

3 major lifestyle trends for 2022

Are you already curious about what the new year holds? In a study conducted by Pinterest, here are the biggest lifestyle trends you can look forward to.

40 Christmas baby names and their meanings

Christmas is here again! As Andy Williams sung it's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you're due to welcome a beautiful baby boy or girl into the world.

6 foods that damage your eyesight

We’re accustomed to removing the effect rather than the cause. Many, if not all, illnesses could be avoided if people followed a healthy diet, participated in sports, and avoided stress. The same can be said for the eyes.

8 surprising health benefits of crying

Crying is generally regarded as a negative emotion. To some extent, this is true, as people cry when they are unhappy with something in their lives.

5 benefits of chewing gum

Everybody enjoys chewing gums. They would pop one while driving, relaxing, after a meal or simply to enjoy their oral fixation with something sweet.

Financial tips on spending wisely this Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner! Christmas brings with it the countless reasons to go shopping and buying gifts to give out to friends and loved ones, and this season can really cause some damage to your wallet.

Is rebound sex really so bad?

“In the middle of my miserable break-up, rebound sex was exactly the breath of fresh air I needed.” --Alex

Why do men get so, so angry when they’re cheated on?

For a gender largely believed to be unable to help themselves when it comes to cheating, men seem to hate being cheated on too much. Why? Why do more men find cheating absolutely unforgivable compared to women?

6 proven ways to become a pro at sexting

It’s no surprise that given the close relationship some people have with their cell phones, it was only a matter of time before sexting became commonplace between consenting adults.

When do online daters stop looking?

Have you ever opened a restaurant menu and been overwhelmed with all of the choices? It’s almost easier to order when there are fewer options. If you order the ham and cheese and see the BLT served at the next table, you wish you had ordered that.

11 fun things to do as a couple

It's easy to fall into a relationship rut, especially if you don't take time to carve out a little fun together. 

7 signs that prove you are his side chick

It’s easy to assume that you are the main chick because some men or maybe your man too have perfected the dark art of deceit. So you go ahead in your little happy world loving him exclusively.