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Check out the cars that won't live to see 2020

Each year automakers need to look at what they're offering and what the market wants -- and make adjustments if necessary. Since you can't please all the people all of the time, some decisions to cancel vehicles might not sit well with die-hard fanatics of specific models, but that's the way it works.

Kristo Asafo to outdoor 40-feet vehicle

The Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana is set to unveil a 40-feet vehicle, manufactured by the Kantanka Automobile Company Limited at the Mission’s 39th Technological Exhibition at the Apostle Safo School of Art and Science (ASSAS) at Awoshie Last Stop, Accra on December 29, this year.

How to manage your Android lock screen

Google recently announced that it was going to introduce Ambient Mode to Android lock screens, which would display interesting and useful info on your lock screen, effectively turning your phone into a smart display.

Facebook built a facial recognition app for employees

Facebook, which has been under fire because of privacy concerns, said Thursday it built an internal app that allowed employees to identify their colleagues and friends who enabled facial recognition by pointing their phone cameras at them.

Apple unveils 16in MacBook Pro

Apple has unveiled the latest version of its 16in MacBook Pro laptop computer - and it features a newly designed keyboard.

All you need to know about the new Airpods Pro

Apple has finally announced the AirPods Pro. Available for $249, they feature a tweaked design with shorter stems and silicone eartips and provide better sound, active noise cancelling, and come with a wireless charging case.

iPhone will now feature a ‘menstrual’ emoji and gender-neutral characters

Apple has released new Emojis featuring gender-neutral characters and people with disabilities as part of its latest iOS software. Users will also now be able to select the ethnicity of each character in the 'holding hands' emoji, while a drop of blood designed to represent menstruation has been introduced following a campaign to fight period stigma.