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Top 10 most expensive cars in 2019

Here is a list of the world’s top 10 most expensive cars as of 2019. We are not considering the customization costs. We only considered the original cost of the respective cars and the price is in U.S let's begin

Facebook bans UK far right groups and leaders

Facebook has imposed a ban on a dozen far-right individuals and organisations that it says "spread hate".

The ban includes the British National Party and Nick Griffin, the English Defence League and the National Front.

WhatsApp now lets you control who can add you to groups

WhatsApp has finally released a much-needed feature that will ensure the privacy of users. WhatsApp users will now be able to decide who is able to add them to groups and will be able to accept or reject “group invitations” sent through direct messages.

Galaxy S10 Plus beats iPhone XS Max in battery test

In a real-world battery test conducted by the popular YouTube channel PhoneBuffbetween Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone XS Max, the Galaxy S10 Plus thoroughly defeated Apple’s latest and greatest flagship.

The 10 Cheapest New Cars of 2019

Owning a car in recent times have become a necessity rather than luxury. This has made the prices of cars to go up. Below is a list of some of the affordable cars one can purchase this year as compared to the luxury brands like Range Rover, Benx, Jaguar etc.

Huawei laptop 'backdoor' flaw raises concerns

A flaw in Huawei Matebook laptops, found by Microsoft researchers, could have been used to take control of machines, the Times has reported.The "sophisticated flaw" had probably been introduced at the manufacturing stage, one expert told BBC News.

Tricks you didn't know your iPhone could do

Both iPhones and Android devices have their pros and cons, but the general consensus is that iOS is a little easier to pick up and use, while Android offers more in the way of customization and configuration. Still, simple as Apple's operating system seems, you can find plenty of advanced features hidden below its polished surface.