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Opinion: 'Vision & style in charge' by Elizabeth Ohene

Something interesting is happening at the University of Ghana. I don’t think there was any big, strategic plan. It certainly has nothing to do with quotas or affirmative action. But the University of Ghana has suddenly turned very feminine.

Opinion: ' Crowdfunding and financing private companies in Ghana' by Richard Nunekpeku 


A lot has changed since the digital revolution began in the 1980s with the launch of the “Internet”. Subsequently, technological developments on the back of the internet such as mobile devices, social media networking, big data, clouds services among others have led to disruptive experiences to our traditional, pre-internet ways of work and life.

Opinion: 'Girls can do maths' by Elizabeth Ohene

Has anyone seen the United States Olympics Women Gymnastic team? If you haven’t, please go and take a look. It wasn’t that long ago when specialist writers were telling us that gymnastics was beyond Black people.

Opinion: 'Fighting Covid: Our duty to God and Country' by Rev Atta Badu Snr

In 2020 when the Covid -19 pandemic hit the world, many thought that was the biblical end-time much talked about. Not only did religious activities suffer the brunt of the pandemic but it also shook the faith of many, who questioned God and why he would allow his people to suffer such destruction and death.

Opinion: 'Journalism about investigation, period!' by Dr Ebo Afful

Investigative journalism is simply a comprehensive story produced from careful research. Research is all about finding out and sharing the findings for the good of society. This is all that journalism is about and expected to do; thus, serving as a watchdog in the supreme interest of the people.