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Opinion: 'Ritual murders revisited' by Rodney's Potpourri

For some Ghanaians above a certain age, stories of ritual murders almost always bring rather uncomfortable memories of the story of little Kofi Kyintoh in the Sefwi Bekwai area back in the 1980s, with Abesim in the Bono Region also another hotspot back then.

Tackling extremism bolstered by foreign, domestic assistance

The rapid collapse of the Afghan state and the undignified and hasty retreat of old allies who had provided security force assistance (SFA) over two decades raises critical questions over the operational effectiveness or otherwise of such support.

Opinion: 'The strife of kayayei' by Suzzy AFRIFA

Accra is fast becoming a home to young women who mostly migrate from the Frafra, Gonja, Kotokpoli, Dagomga, and Mamprusi ethnic groups located in the Northern parts of Ghana in search of work to survive, popularly known as Kayayei (Kayayo for singular).

'CSOs turn down strategy lessons from Gabby on GNPC-Aker' by Bright Simons

Our onetime friend in the Ghanaian Civil Society Movement, the Founder of the Danquah Institute and strategist behind a dozen activist fronts, from Let My Vote Count Alliance to Alliance for Accountable Governance, has some advice for those of us still on the frontlines: keep your shirts on!

On the ongoing government-UTAG impasse: My take

The raging impasse between the University Teachers’ Association of Ghana (UTAG) and the Government of Ghana is another reminder of one of the many things that we in Ghana have become all too familiar with, namely, the frequent use of strike actions by various labour unions to drum home their demands for better conditions of service from Governments.

'Do not be like Thomas whose eyes could not see – Akufo-Addo’s Sputnik-V, Agyapa & other affairs’ by Martin Amidu


From my experience working with President Akufo-Addo I can bet my last pesewa that the report of the adhoc parliamentary committee on the Sputnik V – Covid-19 vaccine procurement was just a smokescreen behind which to exonerate and whitewash all the suspected unconstitutionalities and illegalities committed by the Government in the procurement contract and payment for the vaccines.

'Andrew Amuna returns home, but not to stay' by Manasseh Azure

Andrew Mbabila Amuna had missed his mother and father, so he invited them to visit him in the United States. Some months earlier, William and Genevieve Amuna had missed the graduation ceremony of Andrew, a young and promising engineer, who secured a job at Sweitzer Engineering Laboratories, USA, immediately after that graduation.