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How healthy it is to pee after sex

If you want to enjoy a lovely intimate relationship with your partner, one thing you need to worry about is having an excellent sexual health.

Ghana News: How to make money online in 2018

One of the great things about the internet is that it’s such a great way to get into business for yourself. No matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you can make money online.

The infection that will cause a woman to pee before sex

When it comes to sex and sexual health, we count on a lot of beliefs. Peeing right before having sex is one of the pervasive pieces of advice that most women get. But how correct is it to follow this practice, we unveil it here.

6 reasons Christians are not required to pay tithe

Most Christians in Ghana, and other parts of the world think believers in Christ are mandated to pay their tithes (defined as giving 10 percent of one’s income). Others are equally convinced tithing is not required for believers.

Diabetes will kill more men than women

Men are more likely to die from diabetes because their "masculinity" stops them from changing their lifestyles to help combat the disease, a study has claimed.

How “No Sex Before Marriage” destroyed my marriage

I met him in church one Sunday morning. He sat next to me and I couldn’t help it but recognize the kind of gentleman he was. He was soft spoken and had this shyness on her face anytime he tried to talk to me. 

5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms/Armpits

We all love to flaunt our beauty with sleeveless tops, spaghettis, bikinis and strapless gowns. But are those dark underarms giving you a hitch wearing your favourite outfit? It’s time to deal with it.

People with vaginas explain what they actually want you to do to their clitoris

Oh, the complex mystery of female sexuality.

While men’s bits are all out on display, and are such visual beasts that they’ll happily jizz at the sight of some breasts poking out of a nice beer girl costume, women’s sexual pleasure is hidden away in a dark, narrow cave. We’re not sure if the G spot even exists.

CHECK OUT: Why do men go for prostitutes?

We know that cheating is inevitable, men cheat and so do women; because in the real world there is no such thing as the perfect relationship or the perfect partner.

Seven outdated men's style 'rules' that you can now ignore

Style "rules" exist for a reason. They inform and guide the current generation using techniques and styles that have worked well in the past. Much of the time, they ensure that younger folks at least try to look their best.

Eight habits that increase impotence

Based on findings, one of men’s worst sexual problems is impotence. It is a type of sexual dysfunction characterised by the inability of the man to develop or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

‘Koose’ recognized as an international delicacy

“Koose” has made it to the international scene. “Koose”, a Ghanaian delicacy and side dish, is prepared by deep or shallow-frying thick cowpea paste, which is usually mixed with onions, spices and other condiments.

Couples should not share bed with their babies

The intimacy between couples tends to die down a bit after having children. Kids take up so much time and energy and therefore, more often than not, sexual relations are put in the back burner.

TBT: Women Don't Need Sex - Counselor

It is amazing to hear some women being particular about the size of the manhood of their supposed spouse, and whether they are good in bed or not.

Is cheese healthy?

Yes, cheese is nutrient-rich -- and tasty -- but it's best to consume it in small portions.

Eating nuts can stave off obesity risk

Want to shed those extra kilos? Consume nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts in your diet as these can help you reduce weight as well as lower the risk of becoming being overweight and obese, researchers say.

How to satisfy her with a small penis

The average erect penis is 5.5 to 6.5 inches in length. If your penis size falls short of this and, as a result, you feel as though you’re at a disadvantage, you’re wrong.

Gynaecologist warns against oral sex

Prof. Adegboyega Fawole of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital has warned that Human Papilloma Virus has been found in the throat of people engaging in oral sex.

The truth about Coconut Water

Low in calories, naturally fat- and cholesterol free, more potassium than four bananas, and super hydrating – these are just a few of the many benefits ascribed to America’s latest health craze: coconut water.

Five ‘dangerous’ routes to sexual satisfaction

Regardless of complexion, belief and even race, one could safely assume that human beings’ response or behaviour when in a sensual mood is almost the same and the feeling unrivalled by any other human activity.

Nicki Minaj Got a New Wig and a Bra From Beyoncé

We know Nicki Minaj is a big fan of Beyoncé. The two have collab'd together, and Nic even used Bey's love for her as fuel to the fire in her never-ending beef with Remy Ma. So when Her Minajesty stepped out in Ivy Park, Queen Bey's athleisure line, this weekend, it was no surprise.

The rap diva rocked a two-piece matching set that retails for $100. (You can find the top here and bottom here.) Luckily for Nic, this outfit comes in the perfect shade of Barbie pink. Perhaps she inspired the colorway? This fit is giving us "Anaconda" video flashbacks.
Nic was also rocking a new' do. Last week, she was rocking half-teal, half-blonde like the old days, but she swapped the vintage vibe for a very blonde wig with bangs. She can slay any hairstyle!

Are you into this new look?

The bra retails for $36 and the pants, $63, but the status symbol of knowing that these designs were touched by Bey is priceless. Nicki debuted her new hair in a photo she posted on Saturday that sent a lot of hearts a flutter

While absolutely everything about this is major, Nicki's assets are what is causing all of the internet chatter. It looks like she even put the holy ghost into a pastor, who left a salacious comment under her pic.

It looks like Pastor Berry is gone from Instagram after his comment exposed him, but honestly, God made this! It must be OK.